UT240-328S Under Table Mount Box - Dual Power, HDMI, VGA, Ethernet - 2 Blank Ports - Silver

by Altinex
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The UT240-328S is a next generation under table interconnect unit providing users a Hybrid connection station to Analog and Digital AV equipment and two 12 amp power sockets that can be used to power multiple laptops or other devices.

The UT240-328S is an under table multimedia interconnect unit designed for mounting against a surface, usually under a table or inside a podium.

The front of the UT240-328S offers the following pass-through connectors:

  • 2 standard AC receptacles
  • 1 gender changer for HDMI® Digital Video (F/F)
  • 1 gender changer for VGA Video
  • 2 3.5mm Audio Jacks for Computer/MP3 Audio
  • 2 Network (RJ-45) snap-in connectors
  • 2 additional (blanked out) snap in locations. A wide range of snap in connectors are available from Altinex

The Under Table series from Altinex offer a wide variety of options for routing computer audiovisual signals, network connections, and AC power in a cost-effective way. They are easily installed under a table, inside a lectern or on the side of a lectern or a table leg. For a simple and cost effective installation, the UT Series from Altinex provides unparalleled ease of use and flexibility.


UT240-328S Installation Manual