TL-TI-USBAUD Conference Table Grommet - USB and Audio

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The TL-TI-USBAUD is a USB 3.0 and Audio hub table insert grommet that has been designed by TechLogix to provide pass through USB 3.0 connection for peripheral devices such as mouses, laptops and keyboards, and cameras.

Keyboards, mouses, laptop chargers, cell chargers, USB hubs, phones, AV cables...  We get it - you've got a 'peripheral nest' on top of your conference table.  Wouldn't it be great if there was any easy way to clean all this up?  Enter the TL-TI series from TechLogix Networx.

The TL-TI line of table inserts replace clunky pop-up boxes with compact grommets which mount in standard 2.25” furniture holes. From video passthrough to active electronics, these table inserts provide a connection point for all the peripherals you use in your meeting rooms.

Main Specs:

  • USB 3.0 and Stereo Audio Pass-Through
  • One [1] USB-A Female Port (Top)
  • One [1] 3.5mm TRS Stereo Audio Jack (Top)
  • One [1] USB-B Female Port (Bottom)
  • One [1] 3.5mm TRS Stereo Audio Jack (Bottom)
  • Easy setup: Plug-and-Play, Hot-Swappable, Hot-Pluggable
  • Snagless™ under-table mounting
  • Construction: Aluminum top panel (black finish), Steel housing
  • New Installation hole diameter 57mm (2.25")
  • Retrofit hole size range 57mm~70mm (2.25"~2.75")
  • Maximum table thickness 38mm (1.5")



 TL-TI-USBAUD Specifications

 TL-TI-USBAUD User Manual