TBUS-1Axl-TBK2 Pre-Configured Table Well AV Box with Titlting Lid - Black

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The Kramer TBUS-1Axl-TBK2 is a conference room table box that features the most widely used audio visual connections for you AV systems. This table well features a sleek black anodized finish, a tilt up lid, and a wide range of data connections. There is an opening on the top of the lid that allows for you cables to be plugged in and used while the lid is closed. These units are easy to assemble and install into your conference room table. Once the proper sized hole has been cut into your table (see cutout template below), drop the table box in, secure with the included clamps to the underside of your table, and connect your power, its that easy.

Applications include: boardrooms, conference rooms, classrooms, training facilities, lab tables and lecterns.

This unit includes the following connections:

  • Includes:  4 power with one 6' cable, 2 HDMI, 2 CAT6, and 1 USB.  All the connections are F-F so it is easy to install the cables on the backside.

Main Specs:

  • Enclosure: Anodized aluminum top with tilting lid
  • Black or silver
  • Includes: 4 AC power with two 6' cables, 2 HDMI, 1 USB-A non charging passive, and 2 RJ45, all F-F connections
  • The connections can be installed higher or lower in the box
  • Box dimensions: 8.07"W x 6.69"D x 5.20"H
  • Table cutout: 7.51in x 5.98in
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Works in tables up to 3" thick
  • Warranty: 7 years


TBUS-1Axl Specifications Sheet

TBUS-1Axl User Manual

TBUS-1Axl Cutout Template