REEF In Table Conference Tabl Box - HDMI, VGA, Cat6, USB Charging

by ECA
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The ECA REEF is a gorgeous looking table box that conceals your audio, video, and power connections while easily installing into your conference room table. When you open up the lid inside you will find the following connections, 3 power, 1 VGA, 1 audio, 1 HDMI, 2 Cat6, and 2 USB charging ports. There is an additional power outlet on the bottom of the table box for anything that you might need to plug in underneath your table.

The lid is a slide away lid so it is always out of the way, now users on both sides of the table can have access in the box without the lid being in the way. There is also a small gap in the lid so a cable can be plugged in with the lid closed.

The VGA is F-F and 6' long, the audio is F-F, the HDMI is M-M and 3' long but includes a coupler if you need to make the cable longer, and the CAT6 jacks are a Siemens punch down. The USB charging ports are smart charging and adapt to the devices power needs, they are also integrated into the power so no additional power cord is required, there is only 1 power cord coming out of the box.

There are 4 colors to choose from to meet the look of any room, black or silver powder coat, gloss white, and silver anodized aluminum.