MHO Tilt Up Table Box Charging Station with HDMI, 2 USB Charging, Power

by Byrne
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SKU BE01820-M-2-2-EFA-U9-120

The Byrne Electrical Mho is an in-surface table box that installs flush in the table, when needed press the top and the connections tilt open so they can be plugged into. The Mho always looks elegant in your table but is very functional, press the top with one finger and the unit smoothly tilts open exposing your connections. When you are done just press it down till it latches.

This unit comes with the following connections, 2 power with one 10' power cord, 2 charging USB (rated at 2A so can charge 2 tablets), and one 18" F-F HDMI. The charging USB ports are integrated into the power in the box so no separate power cable needs to be plugged in. The unit comes standard in silver but can be upgraded to black. To install cut your hole and drop in the unit and secure with the included clips.

The connections are customizable and 4 more ports can be added. The power outlets can even be upgraded to hospital grade UL listed outlets.