Ellora Conference Table Cable Well - Multimedia Audio Visual Box

by Byrne
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Think we're hiding something? You may be right. Byrne's Ellora is a simple, yet stylish way to bring power and data up to the work surface. Building on the popular aesthetics of the Byrne Mho line with anodized aluminum constructions, Ellora's smart design keeps cable clutter out of sight by allowing use while the lid is shut.

The Byrne Electrical Ellora is an in-surface table box that installs flush in the table, when needed lift the lid to expose your connections and connect your cables. The top of the box features a small gap so that cables can remain plugged in with the lid closed, this creates a flush working environment and is also ideal for items that always need to be plugged in such as phones.

This unit comes with the following connections: 3 power with one 10' power cord, 2 charging USB (rated at 1A each), 1 18" F-F HDMI, and 1 data jack with 9' male end. The charging USB ports are integrated into the power in the box so no separate power cable needs to be plugged in. The unit comes standard in silver but can be upgraded to black. To install cut your hole and drop in the unit and secure with the included clips.

The connections are customizable and 2 more ports can be added if more connections are desired. The power outlets can even be upgraded to hospital grade UL listed spill proof outlets. Another feature that can be added is daisy link power for connecting multiple Ellora units together.