Eclipse-USB Rotating In Table Power Station Grommet - 2 Power & 2 Charging USB

by Byrne
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The Byrne Eclipse-USB is a round power grommet charging station that was designed to be stylish yet provide 2 power outlets and 2 charging USB in your table surface. When closed it looks flush in your table and comes in black, white, green, and orange to compliment any room. To open simply press the soft touch finish and it rotates 180 degrees showing your 2 power outlets and 2 charging USB ports.

Installation couldn't be any easier, use a jig saw or hole saw to cut a 4.5" hole and then secure to the under side of the table with the threaded nut. All that is required is to plug in the single 10' power cable, the charging USB is integrated into the power so no additional power cords are required. The Eclipse installs in tables .75" to 1.5" thick and is a stylish and fun way to provide a charging station in almost any table surface.

The Byrne Eclipse USB features the following connections:

  • 2 Power and 2 USB Charging Ports