Ellora Qi Wireless Charging Cable Well - Qi Compatible - 3 Power & 2 USB

by Byrne
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The Byrne Ellora QI is a cable well that provides 3 different means to charge your phone, laptop, and tablets. There are 3 power outlets, two USB charging ports, and 3 QI wireless charging pads. The USB ports provide 1 amp each and each QI wireless pad provides 5 watts each. The frame is a powder coat matte gray color, and the lid is a soft touch grey rubber color for grip when wirelessly charging. Up to 3 phones can be wirelessly charged at the same time. On the underside of the lid are LED lights that change colors to indicate when a device is paired to one of the QI wireless charging pads.

To install cut a 4 7/8" x 10 7/8" hole and drop in the box, then secure to the underside of the table using the included clips. The only step next to do is to plug in the single 10' power cord.

The Byrne Ellora QI is an elegant means to provide numerous charging options for several different types of devices.