Axil M Table Side Charging Station - Power, USB C, 2 Charging USB

by Byrne
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Axil M provides freestanding desktop power that allows you to easily plug in laptops, phones and more—without fishing under the table. Modern lines, smooth anodized aluminum construction and our stylish braided cord options make it a stand out that can easily blend in when needed. It’s available in 2, 3, or 4 port sizes with a range of power and data, including the new future-focused USB-C charging port. Sleek and smart, Axil M delivers power that works—wherever you do. 

The Byrne Axil M is a portable charging station that can be used anywhere there is a power outlet. You can charge your devices from the 1 power outlet, 2 charging USB, or the 1 USB Type C connection.  The unit is all gloss white with a 10' white power cord coming out of the unit, simply plug into a wall outlet and you are ready to charge. The USB ports provide 1 amp of charging each while the USB Type C port provides 18 watts. The Axil M is a modern looking free standing power station designed to be used anywhere you need to provide charging.


  • Color: Gloss white
  • Power cord: White and 10' long
  • Connections: 1 power , 2 charging USB (1A each), 1 USB Type C (18 watts)
  • Warranty: 1 year