Who Is Kramer Electronics?

About Kramer

 In 1981, Kramer was founded with passion and resolve to innovate in the video era. Since then, we have consistently grown and evolved with an industry that has raced forward at lightning speed. Today, along with our partners and distributors, we passionately serve Pro AV customers on six continents with innovative solutions powered by cutting-edge cloud technologies, advanced software applications and industry-leading hardware. 

" Our reputation is based on providing game-changing innovation for over three decades. We stand behind every product we ship and pride ourselves on maintaining personal relationships with our customers. These are what set us apart from our competitors. By combining innovation together with extreme reliability and customer service, we have earned our name."

Dr. Joseph Kramer
Founder & CEO

AV Beyond The Box

At our core, we are a technology company dedicated to finding better, smarter solutions, not bigger boxes. At Kramer, we go beyond the box with end-to-end solutions that blend cutting-edge cloud technologies, advanced software and time-tested hardware. The result is that our customers get the solutions they need without paying extra for features they don't need.



Instead of expensive all-in-one boxes, we offer a line of over 4,000 specialized hardware devices. Our vast array of products allow each customer to find a solution perfectly tailored to their connectivity and functionality needs.


When choosing a table box, Kramer Electronics Conference Room Table Boxes provide the very best in form and function.  These boxes are highly customizable, come in multiple finishes and provide users with multiple installation styles, these include: Cable Wells, Table Edge, and Modular Frames.

Our most popular Kramer Table Boxes include the